About ‘Burgh Girl

I spent half of my childhood without a TV & the other half without cable, so it’s no surprise that I’ve always loved to read. I’m always reading multiple books at once…at bookstores I look for the longest books I can find…and I love finding local bookstores when I’m traveling.

I’m a Pittsburgh girl. I love that we have all four seasons…sports teams… great neighborhoods like Shadyside & Squirrel Hill…& while Pittsburgh’s known for Primanti Bros sandwiches, there are so many other great local restaurants in the city. You can’t be bored in Pittsburgh!


5 thoughts on “About ‘Burgh Girl

  1. Hi there, great site! As I also live in the ‘Burgh, I love seeing all the great photos you have displayed. I don’t see a way to contact you besides leaving you a message here I have a question in regards to the books you read. Could you possibly contact me by email? It’s info@rlynnarchie.com. Thank you. – R. Lynn

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