Science Fiction · Thriller

The Girl With All The Gifts

I love a good zombie/post-apocalyptic thriller and this one promised to be a bit different than the rest. For one, it centers around a little girl…who’s a zombie…but doesn’t really know it. And you’re not even sure that she is either, basedGirl with Gifts on how the book jumps right into Melanie’s day-to-day life without answering any questions up front. But it becomes obvious that she and her classmates (!) aren’t completely normal, and as you piece together the details (why are they strapped into chairs? why are they locked in their rooms? why don’t they go outside?), you start to understand why.

It’s so hard to say much about The Girl With All The Gifts without including spoilers. But if all good zombie thrillers include a zombie attack, with the survivors on the run, perhaps some gory details about those who didn’t survive…then this book won’t disappoint. It’s a page turner. Well-written, smart, fast-paced and definitely a refreshing take on a post-apocalyptic novel.



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