Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Malvika of Wanton Ruminating! Thanks so much Malvika! She and I have similar taste in books and we’re both under 5 ft tall…we also just so happen to live 8,500 miles apart!

When you’re nominated for a VBA, you’re asked to talk about a few blogs you love to follow:

1. I love hearing about books/movies/music from the staff at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, in the blog Eleventh Stack. The library is just a few blocks away from my office too! I love that the blogs often have themes, like movies that scared the pants off you as a kidcookbooks that are great if you’re going to a potluck (my office loves a good potluck!) or historical true crime novels.

2. I love my friend and colleague Krista’s blog, Shutters + Champagne. We have a lot in common, like reading, cooking (and eating!), fashion and living in the ‘Burgh. Our husbands coach lacrosse together too. Though she’s not blogged lately, she’s been too busy getting married and buying a house!

3. Book Lover’s Blog and I have similar taste in books. This is a blog from the staff of Greensboro Public Library, in Greensboro, NC. Sometimes I hear about new books here, and sometimes I find out what they think about a book I’ve already read.

4. I also follow my friend Kathryn’s blog, Kathrynspeaks. She worked with me at Carnegie Mellon for five years, and now she’s working on her PhD full-time as well as some local higher ed efforts. She’s probably one of the smartest people I know and we had a great time eating and shopping our way through NYC for work over the years! She blogs about diversity, her faith, higher ed, etc.

And lastly, I’m supposed to tell my readers a few things about myself:

1. My name is Leigh, which Malvika pointed out that she didn’t even know. I’ve never actually used my first name in my blog.

2. No Country for Old Men is one of my favorite books and movies.

3. I love to run in North Park, a park that’s just a few minutes away from my house. I prefer running in colder weather, which is probably a little unusual!

4. I’m going to be an aunt in a matter of days! My husband’s brother and his wife are having a baby…their due date is Monday. We’re super excited!


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